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Archive for January 2015

5 Reasons Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Responsive

mobile responsive website and 5 reasons why

While having a website is great for consumers and search engine optimization (SEO), having a mobile-responsive site will be crucial in 2015 and beyond. Not only has Google begun alerting mobile users whether or not a site is mobile-friendly, Find8 anticipates that in 2015, or soon after, Google will begin to penalize websites that are…

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Google Algorithms Explained Part 3: Pigeon

part 3 of google algorithms explained

This is our third blog post examining Google’s search algorithms: Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. We’ve already examined Panda. Penguin’s been analyzed. Pigeon focuses on local search. This blog post will focus on Pigeon and what you can do to improve your ranking in Google’s algorithm.   Google Pigeon Algorithm: Imagine you own a local hair salon and one day,…

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