Affordable tools and assistance to improve customer engagement and increase your sales. Budget-friendly packages include workflows, list segmentation, design, writing and more.

Starting @ $65/mo


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Automated Marketing

Let us grow your business into something bigger and better. Automated marketing services help you do exactly that. Just a few years ago, automated marketing was very expensive and required a high level of expertise. Today, new technology allows us to offer affordable options for businesses that rely on referrals, repeat visits and seasonality to boost sales.

Like most businesses, you probably have a gold mine in untouched email addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts accumulating in Gmail, Facebook, Quickbooks or Constant Contact. Engage these potential customers and nurture them through the sales pipeline with email marketing, web "pop ups," outbound calling, promotions and text messages. Re-engage, nurture and convert!

Automated marketing services are perfect for service businesses who need a cost effective way to convert contacts to sales. Let's grow your business!



  • To nurture relationships with clients
  • Run campaigns and promotions
  • Manage client referrals
  • Track sales pipeline movement
  • Personalize engagement with prospects
  • Track deals and conversions


4-Promotion Pack


per month

Ideal for periodic marketing throughout the year. We work together to strategize and create the 4 best campaigns for you.

  • 4-campaigns per year
  • Creative brief
  • Graphic design 
  • One-hour copywriting
  • List segmentation
  • Standard workflow
  • Monthly reporting
  • Software fees not included

Monthly Promotions


per month

The best package for businesses with e-commerce hoping to connect with clients to spread the word about monthly promotions and updates.

  • Creative brief and campaign strategy
  • Graphic design
  • List segmentation
  • Standard workflow
  • Monthly reporting
  • Software fees not included

Drip Campaign


per month

Perfect for nurturing customers and leads with newsletters and consistent contact. Sustaining clients to keep them loyal.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Email design
  • List segmentation
  • Standard workflow
  • Content writing
  • Monthly reporting
  • Software fees not included


DIY Set Up


one time setup

We get you set up with the tools you need to do it yourself, and everything else is up to you.

  • Discovery and strategy meeting
  • Email template design
  • Web to lead contact forms
  • Web tracking codes
  • Contact form autoresponder campaign

Set Up


one time setup

We work together to create the best campaigns and ensure you are set up to succeed.

  • Same as DIY Set Up
  • Custom database fields
  • List management and import
  • Customer segmentation and profile tagging
  • New Contacts Welcome campaign

Advanced Set Up


one time setup

You focus on running your business. We focus on growing it.

  • Same as Professional set up
  • Google calendar and Gmail integration
  • Quickbooks or Freshbooks integration
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Telephony integration

marketing automation crm for small business

Automated Marketing

Contact Management

Keeping all of your contacts organized can help you stay on top of potential sales and keep them traveling through the pipeline.

Customer Segmentation

Different groups of customers use different products and services, which means your business should interact with them in unique ways. Customer segmentation allows you to separate your customers based on the role they play in your business, and communicate with them accordingly.


Providing your customers with a one-of-a-kind experience does not have to be hard. Our automated marketing services allow you to communicate one to one with the people you serve based on segmentation, customer behavior or events like birthdays and recent purchases.


Growing your business is important to us, and the best way we can help is by fostering valuable relationships with your clients through automated marketing. With experience working with small businesses like yours, we make strategy and engagement easy.

DISCOVERY & Training

Begin by telling us what you need from automated marketing and we will show you what we can do together!

Campaign strategy

With knowledge of your marketing goals and brand, we work with you to develop an automated marketing strategy that works.

Content writing

We can provide copywriting services for materials tailored to suit your campaign strategy and business needs.

Software set up

We secure the software for you that handles contacts, facilitates campaigns, and tracks customer engagement.

creative design

Using an understanding of your branding and campaign needs, we design email templates, pop-up banners and other graphic elements that suits your business best.


When the email design and content are approved, we launch the campaign and provide reporting to show how it worked.