A lot to say but not much time to say it? Get engaging content for your websites, newsletters, infographics and more that will boost your business and rankings.

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From Cover to Covered

Developing all of the online content your business needs can certainly be a lot of work, but somebody has to make sure that you are sending the right message to your customers from “cover to cover”. Let that somebody be us - the experts in content development who are passionate about using our combined knowledge to grow your business. 

When you find you do not have the time for content development, you will find us ready to take the reins and pick up where you left off with engaging, effective content.


  • Engaging web content
  • Informative newsletters for customers
  • Infographics to share
  • E-books about your services
  • Easy-to-read materials
  • Clients that fully understand your services    

Website Copy

What your website says is more important than ever. Google wants to see pages with engaging, original content- not just a few keyword-packed paragraphs. Providing interesting, relevant content is great for educating your customers and climbing the search engine ranks.


Provide content to your clients to educate them about an aspect of your business or a set of products and services. Create an e-book that can educate your clients, from desktop to smartphone, they can learn everything you want them to know about your business.

White Papers

Explaining your business can be kept short and sweet with white papers- articles that highlight and explain one particular product or service you offer. If you want to educate your customers about something that isn’t so simple to understand, our copywriters are here to help. We can work with you to send the right message and teach the world what they need to know about your business.


Keeping your customers up-to-date on the latest news and offers is about more than just courtesy. It can be the final push that helps grow your business to its full potential. We want to be there to help you keep customers flowing in in and sticking around. That is why our copywriters can produce newsletters for your business that can generate leads and keep loyal customers coming back.





per hour

Ideal for clients in need of consistent content creation by a professional copywriter.

  • Purdue English educated copywriter
  • Search engine optimized
  • No contract required
  • Any type of Web copy
  • Uploading to sites maintained by Find8

Website Content


per site

Get all of the content you need for your website. Perfect for building a new site or refreshing your current one.

  • Discovery meeting
  • 3000 words
  • 2-hours of research
  • One round of revisions
  • Search engine optimized

E-Book Development


per book

Perfect for meeting all of your client education needs. You can even make it available for download on your website.

  • Discovery meeting & creative brief
  • 3000 words
  • 2-hours of research
  • One round of revisions
  • Graphic design and production


Client education doesn’t have to be difficult. It can use fun, visual infographics to break down numbers, graphs and processes and make them easier to understand and more exciting to share on social media or other websites. We believe in using infographics to spread the knowledge and spread the word about your business.