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Working Here

At Find8, we're a tightly-knit powerhouse of good work and good fun!

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Making the Dream Happen

We are, above all else, a team. We believe in the potential of each person who joins us. We ensure our performance and create a dynamic, innovative environment by honoring the traits that make each of us unique while working together as a well-oiled machine. We take our work very seriously, putting our clients’ needs and the goals of our group at the forefront. We face each challenge as a team and always strive to grow as individuals and as a team.

  • Culture
  • Servant leadership
  • Benefits
    • Insurance
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Flex time

  • Leadership program
  • Workshop program
  • Professional development (Udemy)
  • Bonuses for certifications

The Sunny Side

With that said, we're also a lot of fun. we're proof that you can take your work seriously without taking yourself too seriously. We're all about making jokes, keeping a positive outlook, and enjoying one another's company.


There’s always laughter and joking—we keep it light.


We keep the kitchen stocked with plenty of snacks—gummies and chips, mostly. (If you fill a plastic cup with cheeseballs, you can type without getting your keyboard dirty).


Coffee. More coffee.


Colorful shag carpet, chairs, and couches.


The party cube is the place to be, especially when the party lights are on.


Where’s Yoda? Somewhere in the office is a 3-inch-tall Yoda figurine. If you find him, you can hide him next.


Makenzie Wheat
Graphic Design

Exponential Growth

"The executive team is always willing to help and answer questions. We are expected to work hard and earn our titles, giving the opportunity for substantial growth and development. In less than a year, I have grown more than I ever had in school. And though it is uncomfortable to get through those growing pains, Find8 has made me a better designer, manager, and person all around. They always make sure that we are well taken care of and supplied with snacks."

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Alex Shelton
Performance Marketing Lead

Positive Energy

"It's hard to find words that describe how fantastic working at Find8 is. Not only do I love what I do, but I'm surrounded by the most wonderful, kind, creative, and talented people. The office is filled with positive energy that inspires us all to do our best for our clients and each other. I love being apart of an environment that accepts you for who you are." 

web development company find8 performance marketing logo


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