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Software QA Engineer

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Esteban Richey
Software QA Engineer

Esteban Richey


Esteban works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Find8. Every time you click on a link, fill out a form, or see an urgent pop-up message on a website, you can thank hard-working folks like Esteban. It’s one thing to dream up a website, it’s another to make it work! He has 2 years working in cybersecurity, performing fraud-prevention for banks and taking down malicious websites that target banks and their customers.


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Esteban attended Carmel High School and Purdue University. He has 2 younger brothers, and in his free time, he enjoys a good bike ride and martial arts.

Esteban’s favorite quote is: "The best time to start something was yesterday, the next best time is today."


I love biking! I have a Nishiki Manitoba that’s great on both roads and gravel. My most memorable ride was a 60-mile trek from Purdue University to Carmel, Indiana.


Systems programming is my passion, I could code in C, bash or ARM Assembly all day! My biggest accomplishments include implementing my own shell and my own version of malloc.


Gaming is one of my biggest hobbies, specifically PC gaming. I prefer AMD over anything else.


I love Mazda’s, especially the older ones with a big smile! The RX-8 is my dream car, but a Tesla would be nice too!


I’m a part of a Christian ministry on Purdue’s campus called Launch Campus Ministry. They’re my closest friends!


I love cooking. My favorite dishes to make are omelettes and cookies.


I could listen to podcasts for weeks on end. My favorites are the Triforce podcast and the TMG podcast.


I love England! I dream of living in London or Bristol and cycling throughout the English countryside.


My favorite TV shows are Mr. Robot, Vampire Diaries, and White Collar.

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