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Meet Julie Brown

Marketing Consultant

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Julie Brown
Marketing Consultant


Julie Brown

Julie Brown finds great pleasure in business operations run by well-prepared, confident people who make customers their top priority. That’s her focus at Find8; creating logical, results-oriented performance marketing processes, training our people to be confident in their roles as marketing and customer service experts, and overseeing sophisticated tools to track and measure success. We – and Find8 clients – love her for it.

Julie joined the Find8 team in 2015 to lead our Marketing Services Department. A natural leader, not only did she excel at making our clients successful, she excelled at mentoring and bringing out the talent of those around her on the Find8 team, which led to her current role as a marketing consultant.

Prior to Find8, Julie was an executive with StarTek, a customer engagement business process company. While there, she trained newly hired individuals into polished teams of customer care agents for client companies that included AT&T, Otterbox, Weber Grill, and Nespresso. She was such a good trainer, it took
just two weeks for her to transform an under-performing team into number one. At Find8, Julie remains committed to professional development and holds a number of key industry certifications, including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, and Inbound Marketing. She inspires all of us to be better people in everything we do every day.



I love my nieces/nephew! I want them to dream big, never settling for less than they deserve. I’m always in their corner.


From Chris Stapleton to Pink Floyd, music is life!! It gives the parts of me without sound a voice.


Elephants are capable of human-like emotions including crying. These majestic creatures make the world a better place.


Being kind is important. In a world filled with negativity and judgement, choose kindness. One kind word makes a difference.


Laughter fills my world with color. Laughing at myself and not taking myself too seriously provides me a great balance!


I push myself to learn new things every week. Sometimes it is industry related and sometimes it is just for fun!


Dogs are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Their pure love and forgiveness is unmatched by any human! Love my boys!


The woods are my peaceful place. When life gets too busy and I need to re-charge you can find me amongst the trees.


Travel puts my life in perspective. Getting to experience new sites/places pushes my comfort zone while making new memories.

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