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Trenton Hood
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Trenton Hood

Trenton Hood is Find8’s web developer. He’s a hands-on leader, working with clients on their new sites from initial development and quality checks through go-live dates and ongoing monitoring. Trenton’s attention to all of the technical, behind-the-scenes details that go into a high-performing website is legendary, and a critical part of our commitment to meeting client expectations. Before joining Find8, he developed iOS-based apps for an Atlanta company.

Trenton is a graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Computer Graphics Technology and a minor in Computer Network and Information Technology.


Now meet Trenton after hours>

Trenton is the middle child in a family with five kids, which works to his advantage. He always has plenty of family—and friends—with whom to watch football, play video games and watch movies. Middle kids are natural negotiators, strong leaders, and team players. Who do you think picks the games and movies to watch? We think it’s Trenton.


If I get the free time and there is a board and pieces around, I enjoy playing chess.


One of my passions is to watch football. I watch all kinds, high school, college, and professional.


My favorite genre of music has to be classic rock, but I will listen to anything with good music and lyrics.


I enjoy playing video games with my friends and family. Hands down, my favorite game is FFVII (Final Fantasy Seven).


Some of my favorite television series are Game of Thrones, Brooklyn 99, and Archer. There are more, but not enough space.


I enjoy random thumb wars on Sunday nights, a fun little hobby.


I also would like to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop Roll.


I enjoy traveling, even if that means just to the next biggest city.


I enjoy weight lifting, but finding the time go to lift is a hassle.

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