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I Think My Advertising Works, But...
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Advertising pioneer, John Wanamaker once said, "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half." Now you can. With Ad Tester, learn how to maximize your media spending by identifying the advertising channels that make your phone ring. Measure the phone leads you receive from one monthly media plan, including search engines, direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your advertising channels and incoming leads so you can be even more effective and close more sales.


Ideal For

Companies that advertise in print, TV, radio and online

Start up companies

Political campaigns

How This Ad Tester Package Benefits Your Business

Call Tracking

See which advertising sources or channels are driving phone calls to your business.

Lead Tracking

Determine which ad source is driving leads, including online and offline sources.

Call Recording

Listen in to incoming leads. Is your sales staff or front office properly handling them?

Advanced Reporting

Receive detailed reports about the sources of your leads and how each channel performs.

Ad Tester

Per 30-Day Advertising Campaign
Set up fee $125


Ad Tester Features


Maximize your media spending by identifying the advertising channels that make your phone ring. Measure the phone leads you receive from one monthly media plan, including search engines, direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your advertising channels and incoming leads so you can be even more effective and close more sales. Set up includes:

  • Discovery meeting
  • Google Analytics goal conversion funnels
  • Call tracking setup
  • Call tracking software
    • 5 ad tracking phone numbers
    • 500 local inbound phone minutes
  • Advanced campaign analysis and reporting
  • 1/2 hour training

The first step in understanding if your advertising campaign is successful is to get a full understanding of your media plan. Where are you advertising? Online? Print? TV? Other? Next, we need to determine the best way to track your advertising campaign. Using a combination of Google Analytics tracking codes for online and phone tracking for offline, our performance leaders will uncover the best approach to measuring your media.

Conversion funnels

Google Analytics integration allows us to track traffic by the source of the visit. For instance, if you advertise on the website or mobile app of your local newspaper, then Google Analytics will capture the click-thru from this site. After visitors arrive at your site from an element on your media plan, we will track their visitation throughout the site, including filling out lead forms, signing up for a newsletter, scheduling an appointment, and other actions. We can even measure if a site visitor on a smartphone clicks the phone number on your website to call your store or office.

Here is an example of a goal funnel measuring a lead form:

Analytics show where your leads become conversions

Call tracking setup

Powerful advertising analytics software assigns a phone number to each unique online or offline marketing campaign. This will ensure we can easily understand which campaign sources are driving calls from prospects. This package contains:

  • Five phone numbers. Additional numbers may be purchased, if necessary
  • 500 phone minutes
  • Call recording (may be turned off if privacy needed)
Sources we track
Phone call reporting

With our Advanced Reporting, it's easy to analyze your phone leads by source, location, day, and more. You can view multiple reports based on the type of call tracking you decide to use.

learn how call tracking relates to conversions

We will grant you access to your call logs and reports. View, analyze, and listen to calls in real-time, anytime you want to check in. Get an overview report tracking calls by source, average call duration, top call day, top call hour, and new versus returning visitors. Get a call report breakdown by tracking source with call score and conversion. View an ROI report with the conversion rate, revenue, and cost details. You will also have the ability to post-call score sources, which will help track conversions and rating of the call.

Conversion tracking

This report highlights the conversions happening on your website based on an advertising campaign. In Discovery, we will pre-determine these goals so that they are properly measured. Contact forms, appointment requests, and mobile phone calls are examples of conversions you may want to measure.

conversion tracking helps you acheive your goals

Google Analytics call report

This report offers a more detailed view into the"click to call" actions taken on your website, including average ring time, total calls, campaign source, etc.

click to call google call reporting analytics

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