Why All Businesses MUST Pay Attention to the Coming Google+ Revolution

The World’s 2nd Biggest Social Network May Surprise You

Let’s start with two simple facts: Google+ is the second biggest social network today and Google.com has been the world’s most popular search engine for many years now. Now let’s move onto a theory: Google, Inc., is interested in capitalizing on their unique position as the world’s go-to search engine to promote their social networking site Google+. The problem? Too many businesses just don’t get why Google+ is worth their time. Which is understandable, as many businesses already devote a large share of time to maintaining their FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

So what does a Google+ page look like without any help from people like us here at Find8? Pretty lame. No hours, photos, reviews – even the business name is written incorrectly!

Google Plus Optimization SEO Lafayette, IN

Google’s Plan to Boost Google+’s Online Dominance: Why You Should Care

A couple summers ago, Facebook announced that it will be directly competing with Google in things like search engine dominance. Google, Inc., responded in kind with announcing their elaborate plans for Google+ as their social networking answer.

Trust us, Google+ is about to get a lot more important in the business world. The theory we posited above is quickly becoming a fact – Google, Inc., is incorporating Google+ into all of their products, from YouTube to Google Maps to Gmail. For example, Google.com utilizes a Local SEO Success Factors with an algorithm which incorporates a business’s presence on certain sites including FaceBook, Yelp, SuperPages, etc. These factors in the algorithm are called “ranking signals.” The site which carries the most “weight” in deciding search results? You guessed it – Google+. When Google.com’s search engine considers a certain site more than others, that site becomes paramount to a business’s effective online presence.

This adding of a “social layer” to their products in the form of Google+ interactivity extends past traditional Local SEO Success Factors. AT&T cell phones now come with Google products like YouTube and Google Maps pre-loaded. Make no mistake, outside of iPhone users Google Maps is the premier GPS app. This means more and more people who are on the go are looking to these products when searching for a place to eat, shop, and so on. If you don’t have a Google+ page, you may not show up in the top 5 results on Google Maps even if you are closer to the potential customer than a competitor. If your business elects to place ads on YouTube or Gmail, those ads will see a larger audience, too.

Any SEO strategy is fatally wounded if it does not include building a consistently updated and accurate Google+ page for your business. For more info on why optimizing online listings like Google+ are essential to your online presencestrategy, see our former blog entry.

How Else Can Google+ Help Your Business Beyond Improving Search Results?

Besides getting your site up at the top of local search results, it is important to remember Google+ boasts over 375 million “active” users worldwide. To put it in perspective: There are almost 50 million more Google+ users than American citizens!

Keep in mind that anyone with a Gmail has a Google+ account. This pushes the number of the potential Google+ audience over 540 million! Admittedly, most of these Google+ users are users by default. That is, they were automatically signed up for their account when signing up for, say, Gmail. Studies have shown the “average” Google+ user spends only 4-7 minutes on their page a month. This does not represent true, regular users and is a number continually growing. Google, Inc., certainly has plans to make even the most casual Internet user interested in their product over the next year or two. The FaceBook-Google war has only just begun.

One aspect of Google+ is the chat function, knows as Hangouts. This is a lot more useful than normal chat apps like FaceBook Messenger. Anyone with a Gmail account should have noticed the Hangouts messenger on their sidebar along with the address book-like feature “Circles.” Circles is an easy and innovative way of keeping track of contacts and is much more interactive than your average e-mail address book. In fact, you can even organize events like live Q&A sessions using Hangouts and Circle to organize the chat!

How Is Find8 Aiding Businesses with Their Google+ Presence?

We know Google+ is tough to work with. Its interface is unfamiliar to most and the amount of built-in functions can be overwhelming. The good news though? Every business which comes up in a Google search result has a Google+ page built for them automatically. However, that page will look bare and unprofessional. Nothing will differentiate you from every other business. This means your SEO strength will suffer.

But don’t worry, Find8 has your back. Any social media package purchased from us – even our cheapest – includes updating your page and making at least two posts on it per week. We’re paid to understand how the site works and how to optimize it for your unique business’s marketing needs.

Want proof? Remember the atrocious business page we showed you at the beginning? Well, see how one of our actual clients’ pages has benefited and see how their search results have been optimized below:

Local Search Engine Optimization in Lafayette, Indiana

Keep in mind we just optimized this page mere weeks ago! Its content will only grow from here.

Google Plus Local SEO in Lafayette, Indiana

Note how the entry on the right has been customized for quick and easy reference. In this age of instant gratification and smart phones, customers like quick and easy.