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Conversion Report

It takes 3-4 visits for your visitors to do business with you. Gain actionable insights into improving your conversion rates.

Marketing analysis shows you how the conversion route is performing

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95% of your website visitors will never convert on their first visit to your website. On average, it takes 3-4 visits for your visitors to actually think of doing business with you. Gain actionable insights into improving your conversion rates. Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool to help you analyze this data, and it's FREE! Google Analytics reports help you to understand your website usability, site visitors, content and campaigns. However, most of the standard reports need to be customized to get deeper, actionable insights. For example, did your new customer search for you on Google, then visit your Facebook page before linking over to your website? Which web pages deliver the most conversions? This advanced report goes beyond counting your total conversions. And with these advanced insights, you'll be further along in the competitive race.

Ideal For

Business owners who need insights into conversions, from newsletter signups to quote requests. Especially useful for industries focusing on short-term leads.

Home services

E-commerce stores

Membership organizations

How a Conversion Report Benefits Your Business

Deeper Insights

Gain deeper meaning into the conversion behavior of your website visitors.

Actionable Data

Give your marketing team the ability to make decisions about conversion improvement.

Better Marketing

Better data equals better marketing. Improve your website, campaigns, and more.

More Profits

More conversions ultimately leads to more revenue and, ideally, profits.

Conversion Report

One-time Project

Conversion Report Features


95% of your website visitors will never convert on their first visit to your website. On average, it takes 3-4 visits for your visitors to actually think of doing business with you. Gain actionable insights into improving your conversion rates. Includes:

  • Discovery questionnaire and meeting
  • Report requirements and goal flows
  • Tracking tags setup
  • Customized report setup
Discovery questionnaire and meeting

Our process begins with understanding the conversion opportunities available on your website and your goals in measuring these conversions. Without action, the data is meaningless, so we want to ensure that you'll be able to use the data in this report to improve your bottom line.

data analytics agency conversion reports

Report requirements and goal flows

Our Performance Marketing team will document the conversions you wish to track and measure in addition to diagramming how the goal flows should be configured. Do you want to measure a goal path from homepage to conversion, from landing page to appointment scheduler, or something else? Whatever your goals, our team will ensure that the data is properly reported in your custom Conversion Report.

This client wanted to know the best day of the week for conversion:

google analytics conversion reports

Tracking tag setup

In order for all conversions and their traffic sources to be tracked, additional codes may need to be created. Our Performance Marketing team will work with you, if needed, to install these tags, either on your website, or the marketing materials you're using to drive traffic to the website.

Conversion report setup

Finally, the Performance Marketing team will create your custom Conversion Report within your Google Analytics account in addition to setting up a scheduled report to be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. If you have a Google Data Studio account with Find8, we will also push the conversion data into your Marketing Dashboard.


Average visits it takes a website to convert on your website

Conversion Rate

Average lead conversion rate for U.S. websites.

Business Owners

Percentage of owners satisfied with their lead conversion rates.


Increase in lead conversions when a video is used on the landing page.

Performs Well With

Event Campaign

Are your customers responding to your automated marketing? Make sure your Event Campaign has a Conversion Report!

Performs Well With

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local shoppers are typically in the mindset to transaction. The Conversion Report works well with Date-based Email Marketing Campaigns.

Performs Well With

Marketing Database

Tracking conversions? You may be interested in tracking prospect and customer data, too. Check out our Marketing Database package.

Performs Well With

Marketing Dashboard

Roll up all of your marketing metrics into one easy-to-understand report. Learn more about Marketing Dashboard.

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