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A customer relationship management (CRM) marketing database helps you manage interactions and communications with current and potential customers.

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Charsha Hayden Find8 Project Manager

Charsha Hayden
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Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses manage sales processes: customer data, customer interaction, sales tasks, lead tracking, and more. Leads may funnel from your search engine optimization activities, social media, paid advertising, even offline activities. A CRM empowers your Sales team and they'll realize these benefits:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Enhance communication with customers
  • Improve customer service
  • Automate tasks
  • Improve data and reporting

Our Performance Marketers work with several popular CRMs, such as Capsule, Nutshell, Agile CRM, and Pipedrive. All of these systems are relatively easy to use, and they integrate very well with other software, such as WordPress and MailChimp.

Ideal For

Service area businesses

Travel and hospitality

Member-driven organizations

Professional services

How Marketing Database Benefits Your Business

Organize Your Contacts

Automatically import and sync your contacts and keep the info up-to-date.

Enhance Communication

Keep your sales teams and upper management informed about the sales process.

Improve Customer Data

Warehouse information about your prospects, beyond contact information.

Track the Sales Funnel

Manage your prospects in the pipeline, from contact to closed sale.

Marketing Database

One-time Setup + Monthly Subscription

Marketing Database Features


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses manage the sales processes: customer data, customer interaction, sales tasks, lead tracking, and more. 

  • Capsule, Nutshell or Agile CsameRM Setup
  • Import and organize contacts
  • Set up task lists and workflow
  • Customize pipeline dashboard
  • Integrate 3rd party apps: Mailchimp and WordPress forms
  • 2-hour training

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly subscriptions costs for the use of CRM systems vary among platforms. Please see your Performance Marketer for specific pricing based on your needs.

Import and organize contacts

Now you can have all of your contacts in one place. iPhone contacts or Gmail addresses may serve you well while your business is small, but as your organization grows, you need an enterprise level system for storing and organizing contacts, including customers and contacts. You will have a bird's-eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.


Set up task lists, workflow and notes

Creating tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines will keep your sales team organized. See who's doing what and share tasks with co-workers.

Easily add notes about conversations you've had, meeting outcomes, how the contact is known to you etc.


Customize pipeline dashboard

View vital statistics about your sales pipeline, future sales projections and summaries all on one clear and simple dashboard screen. Every organization views their pipeline milestones differently; our Performance Marketers will determine what sales cycle steps you would like to measure, such as Leads, Qualified Leads, Opportunities, Sales, Renewals and more.


Integrate apps

For a CRM to function optimally, it needs to pull and push data amongst systems. Integration will ensure that your database contains as much customer data as possible as well as minimizing your staff's time with importing or manually entering in data. Our Performance Marketers recommend that, at a minimum, we integrate the following:

2-hour training

The Find8 Performance Marketing team will provide you with two hours of training in our office or by web meeting. Where available, we'll also provide written training documents.

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"Find8 promises to be focused on results when it comes to growing your business. We hold lasting relationshipswe aren’t a one and done digital marketing firm." 


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