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Send messages when a specific date occurs to announce renewals, product launches or events.

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Fixed-date automated campaigns function allows you to schedule a marketing campaign for a set date. You may pick a fixed date from a calendar to send a mass email, or target your message based on a date in contact profiles that would run throughout the year. Examples include:

  • Anniversaries or birthdays accompanied with a special offer
  • Seasonal announcements, such as holiday greetings or special store hours
  • Seasonal signup reminders such as "spring clean up" for lawn care or "tax season" for CPAs
  • Renewal reminders, such as "renew your policy" for insurance agents

The date trigger allows you to actively engage with your users on a deeper, more personal level!

Ideal For

Insurance agents

Retail / e-commerce stores

Healthcare Professionals


How Date Campaign Marketing Benefits Your Business

Valuable Communications

Customers receive information that is timely, informative and relevant.

Strengthen Relationships

Engage with your prospects and customers on a deeper level.

Lead Nurturing

Move your customers forward in the sales process. Even better, capture stalled sales.

Campaign Reporting

See the results from your automated campaign, from clicks to conversions.

Date Campaign

Setup Package Required

Date Campaigns Features


Date triggers allow you to send emails when a specific date occurs. This works extremely well for any kind of renewals, product launches or events. It allows you to build your relationships and engage with your list on a deeper scale.


  • Creative brief
  • Graphic design and 500 words of copywriting
  • Event-based trigger configuration
  • Campaign tracking and reporting
Creative brief

Who is your target audience? What is your tone? Playful? Professional? What do you want to say? The Find8 campaign brief documents everything we need to design and fulfill your campaign.


Graphic design and copywriting

The Find8 creative team will write and design your outbound automated campaign. Each email will be personalized, where possible, such as a first name greeting. Our designers will use the email templates designed during the automated marketing setup to create an impactful message to send to your prospects and clients.

Automated Marketing campaign email

Campaign triggers

Your campaign will be configured to launch on specific calendar dates, dates within a profile. In the example below, an email is sent to auto warranty policy owners to renew their policy

CRM notification for automated marketing

Campaign reporting

We will track your success over the lifetime of the campaign. Once we hit the send button, your campaign will be scheduled to deliver. Immediately, the MailChimp email tracking tools tell us who's opening, clicking and sharing your emails and social posts in real time. We will even integrate reporting with your Google Analytics account!



Say they test alternate subject lines to optimize email performance


Prefer rich text emails


Use some form of email automation.


Using automation software generate more leads

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