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Inform, educate, and entertain your audience with fantastic content and visuals, while building your brand and website traffic.

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Charsha Hayden Find8 Project Manager

Charsha Hayden
Project Manager

Quid Pro Quo

Providing content to your clients to educate them about an aspect of your business or products can help build your brand, but valuable content can also help build your sales database. Do this through compelling content, brilliant design, and social and online publicity strategy. You'll have your consumer base eagerly coming back for more—and they may even exchange their contact information for your book.

Ideal For

Healthcare practices

Professional services

Real estate

Service area businesses

How Ebooks Benefit Your Business

Brand Trust

Published e-books carry a high level of value about the author and your brand.

Improved SEO

Fresh content is like having a search engine magnet on your website!

Lead Generation

Add a member's only registration in front of downloads to build business leads.

Google Analytics

Receive a custom content report to measure page views and downloads.


One-time Fee

E-book Features


Number of words: 3,000
Number of revisions: 1

By informing, educating, and entertaining your audience with fantastic content and visuals, they'll look forward to returning to your site again and again. Add a member's registration to download and build your customer database.

What's included:

  • Client discovery and industry research
  • 3,000 words of content writing 
  • Editing and proofreading with one round of revisions
  • Graphic design and production
  • Optional: required registration (add: $100)
  • Posting to website
Client discovery and industry research

We can write an authoritative e-book on just about any subject. We've written about topics ranging from the Knip Boom process in the cider apple farming industry to consumer benefits of recycling electronics. To start on your project, we need an in-depth understanding of your business and the topics we're highlighting. We will send you a client questionnaire asking detailed questions about your subject matter, followed up with a short discovery meeting to further explore the components of your book. 

Proper industry research is critical for the successful publication of your book. Our writers will spend considerable time researching your topic and may follow up with you if they have questions

Table of contents

After our discovery and research phase, we will present our recommendation for a table of contents. Once we receive your approval, we are ready to begin the writing process.



Copywriting, editing, proofreading and revisions

Number of words: 3,000
Rounds of revisions: 1

Your Find8 professional writer will write convincing, compelling, professional and straightforward content, paying close attention to tone and voice to properly reflect your brand. All content is 100% original and will be subjected to rigorous editorial review, proofreading, spell checking, and grammar checking. We take great pride in developing content for our clients, employing most of our writers from Purdue University's distinguished Professional Writing program.

You will receive exclusive rights to your e-book and may use it any way you wish.

Most e-books take about 14 days to produce a first draft for your review. After receiving your feedback, we will produce a final version that will be handed off to the Find8 graphic design team for production.


Graphic design and production

The Find8 graphic design team brings your e-book to life with eye-catching design, cover to cover.  Each e-book contains:

  • a book cover
  • back jacket with your author profile
  • 6-royal free stock images
  • Copyright designations on all pages
  • PDF format


Website posting

Our work doesn't end when your e-book has been produced and approved. We will write a summary of your book and post it on your website for download. 


Put your valuable content behind a registration "wall." In return for providing their name and contact information, website visitors will receive your content—free of charge. Once you have contact information, you may follow up to determine sales opportunities. Please ask your Find8 Performance Marketer about automating this process with an automated marketing campaign.

Google Analytics report

We will track the performance of your ebook through Google Analytics. This report will show us each month how many visitors viewed your ebook, downloaded it and how long the visitor stayed on the site, etc.

Performs Well With

Search Engine Optimization

Content is like a magnet to search engines. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization subscription packages.

Performs Well With

Social Media

 Build interest and traffic to your ebook through social media. Learn more about Social Media monthly subscriptions.

Performs Well With

Event Campaign

Send your subscriber list an alert when you publish your ebook. Learn more about automated Event Campaigns.

Performs Well With

Marketing Dashboard

Marketing your ebook is hard work. See the results of your labor with a comprehensive report. Learn more our Dashboard Report.

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"Thanks to the help of Find8, new clients will be starting service with us at the first of the year. Thanks for helping us grow our business!"

-Kyle Berryman, BBCS Payroll

"Find8 promises to be focused on results when it comes to growing your business. We hold lasting relationshipswe aren’t a one and done digital marketing firm." 


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