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Messaging Platform

Develop a unique messaging platform which appeals to your target audience and distinguishes you from competitors.

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Your brand message is the unique value you bring to the consumer. It's your mission, your ethics, and everything you stand for as a company. Your brand message is the foundation of your business and the core of who you are. Make it count. This message persuades, motivates, and relates to your target consumer base, and—above all—compels them to become loyal customers.

Ideal For

Start-up companies

Businesses that want to improve how they speak to their target audience

How a Messaging Platform Benefits Your Business

Valuable Insights

Independent surveys aid us in understanding the mindset of your target audience.

Know Thy Customer

Buyer personas help you interpret thoughts, beliefs and pain points of your customers.

Strategic Messaging

Learn how to communicate with your customers with strategic messaging platform.

Value Proposition

Crystallize how to convey the inherent value of what you have to offer.

Messaging Platform

No Startup Fees

Messaging Platform Features


Develop a unique messaging platform which appeals to your target audience and distinguishes you from competitors.

  • 5 hours research and surveys
  • 3 to 5 Persona Profiles
  • Customer Issues document
  • Value Proposition document
  • Key Messages document
  • Tenets of a winning proposition
  • Elevator pitch document
  • Boilerplate document
    • 50 words
    • 150 words
  • Final presentation
Market research

Our team begins the process by conducting thorough market research in order to get feedback from your current consumers. We send out carefully selected questions in the form of surveys that give us an insight into the behaviors, personalities, goals, and habits of your clients. When we receive feedback from these clients, we analyze and organize the results in order to implement our next step.


Buyer personas and pain points

The next step in developing a messaging platform is to understand your target clients' pain points and begin developing key messages for those buyers. Personas are also useful in considering the goals, desires, and limitations of buyers in order to help guide decisions about the visual design of a website. As a result, you will be able to attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business.

Buyer Persona Comparisons

We'll create buyer persona comparisons that serve to compare your personas to each other, highlighting differences and similarities in your consumer base. This allows our messaging specialists to gain an in-depth understanding of your consumer pool so we can cater the messaging to those specific personalities. These buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal consumer, and we use our market research results to bring them to life.


Once we understand the pain points of your target audience, it's time for the real fun to begin. This is where the shaping of your brand starts to take place! Our team takes a detailed look at all of our research, from surveys to personas. Then, we get down to business. Using these as reference points, we brainstorm, build, write, and rewrite, until we've come up with a message that carefully captures the essence of who you are. From this central message, your value proposition, we'll develop the other key components of your strategic messaging platform.

These consist of:

  • Burning customer issues
  • Key messaging points
  • Tenets of a winning proposition
  • Value proposition
  • "Who We Are" statement
  • Boilerplates (50 words, 150 words)
  • Elevator Pitches
Final presentation

Finally, after every piece of your brand message is created, we'll present our results to you! During this final consultation, we will review all of the pieces in the project. These brand pieces and concepts can then be utilized to write taglines, web copy, advertising materials, and more. It serves as the fundamental foundation upon which all other messaging points will be created.


More likely to consider a company that personalizes marketing to address their specific business issues


Number of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas


Percentage of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals have updated their value proposition within 6 months


Percentage of staff who should be able to articulate the company's value proposition with the same content and messaging

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