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Adwords Prime
AdWords is a great choice for businesses who are looking to buy their way into Google search engine results.

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In the long run, we prefer organic search engine optimization to raise your visibility in Google. There are times, however, when buying top page placements is the correct strategic decision. As an Adwords certified agency, we manage your pay per click campaigns from start to finish, and get the leads to jump start new business.

Ideal For

New businesses

Seasonal businesses

Service area businesses

Travel and hospitality

How AdWords Prime Benefits Your Business

Instant Visibility

Gain top visibility within your list of strategic keywords.

Brand Awareness

Elevate your brand awareness in Google by being at the top.

Retarget Your Audience

Didn't get a click the first time? Try, try again.

Campaign Reporting

Receive a campaign report detailing the performance of your campaign.

AdWords Prime

3-Month Minimum

Prime Platform for AdWords Features


Do you have a seasonal business? A new product or service to launch? Or simply need to increase your leads in the short run?  Google AdWords is a great choice for businesses who are looking buy their way into search engine results. 


  • Discovery and strategy planning
  • Creative development
  • Campaign set up
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Ongoing campaign oversight and optimization

3-Month Minimum
Choose your own media spend (not included)

Discovery and strategic planning

Campaign Questionnaire

All campaigns start with a strategy, and that, in turn, begins with obtaining information from you:

Lead Generation Campaign Questionnaire

Keyword Research

A Find8 Performance Marketer will research and recommend words or phrases relevant to your product or service. This list will entail the best keywords in terms of quantity (demand), relevance and importance to your brand, in addition to potential return on investment. Furthermore, by creating a highly relevant keyword list, we increase your chances to show ads to the most interested customers.

Audience Targeting

With Google audience selection tools, we can target the people who are right for your business. Using what you know about your customers-like demographics, interests, and behaviors, we can connect with people similar to them. Choose the geographic locations -- such as a country, region or city— where your customers are located. We may target at a very granular level such as zip code.

Granular Audience Choices for Lead Generation

Audience Retargeting
If your target audience doesn't click to your website, or they don’t convert on their first website visit, we may decide to "follow your target" on various websites, including social media. Most sales do not result from one advertising unit. Most consumers need to see an ad multiple times before they take action.

Creative development

Our AdWords certified staff will write compelling, action-oriented pay per click ad leveraging the keywords developed during the strategic planning stage. It's important for these keywords to appear in your ad copy since this will result in higher click-thru rates.

Ongoing optimization and oversight

No one likes to waste money on campaigns that don't deliver results. Our Performance Marketers will monitor your campaign goals to make sure they're performing according to plan. If not, they will pause the campaign to launch a new version. We may test messaging, call-to-action and keywords. In any scenario, the team will work feverishly to protect your hard-earned investment and deliver the results you deserve.

Campaign reporting

Better insights make for better results - especially online. Our ongoing campaign reports will help us understand how your audience responded so we can use that information to optimize for better performance and for use in your next campaign.

Ad Performance insights for Lead Generation


Google owns the majority of the search engine market


Percentage that choose a business on page 1 of Google results

Mobile Users

Call a business directly from a Google search result


Average revenue a business makes for every $1 they spend on AdWords

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"Thanks to the help of Find8, new clients will be starting service with us at the first of the year. Thanks for helping us grow our business!"

-Kyle Berryman, BBCS Payroll

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