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Seasonal Surge

No time to wait! Capture the attention of your target audienceright when you need it. 

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Karla Shelton
CEO, Marketing Strategist

Strike While the Iron's Hot!
Lead Generation Tailored to Your Seasonal Flow

There's no time like the present. If your business depends on the season, then you need to kick off a Seasonal Surge lead generation campaign for generating customer leads when you need them most. With the instant visibility and brand awareness afforded, your campaign is sure to score a touchdown.

Ideal For



HVAC companies

All local service area businesses!

How Seasonal Surge Advertising Benefits Your Business

Instant Visibility

Gain top visibility within your list of strategic keywords

Brand Awareness

Elevate your brand awareness in Google by being at the top

Retarget your Audience

Didn't get a click the first time? Try, try again.

Campaign Reporting

Receive a campaign report detailing the performance of your campaign.

Seasonal Surge

Start Up Fee $100

How Seasonal Surge Works


Many service industries experience ups and downs in business during certain seasons. For example, lawn care companies tend to see a drop during colder seasons, and HVAC companies generally have an uptick before summer and before winter.

Seasonal Surge will help get the word out to help you maximize your business during your busy season—or sustain you through your slow season.

We'll help you with these steps: 

  • Discovery and strategic planning
  • Creative development
  • Lead management platform
  • Campaign reporting
Discovery and strategic planning


All campaigns start with a strategy, and that, in turn, begins with obtaining information from you:


With various audience selection tools, we can target the people who are right for your business. Using what you know about your customers, like demographics, interests, and behaviors, we can connect with people similar to them. Here are options for you to consider when developing the campaign targeting:

Demographic Selection

Choose people based on traits like age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles, and more.

Reach people in areas where you want to do business. Even create a radius around a store to help create more walk-ins.

Find people based on what they invest their time in, like hobbies, favorite entertainment, and more.


Reach people based on their purchase behaviors, device usage, and other activities.

Creative development


Our team of creative professionals are skilled in the art of advertising. Ad units need to be eye-catching and visually appealing. As users scroll past hundreds of posts in their newsfeeds, we have a second, or less, to catch their attention. Find8 graphic designers select high-quality photography to represent your message. We also take careful consideration to highlight your logo to build brand awareness.


Each month you will receive two ad concepts. A Find8 Performance Marketer will release one concept at the beginning of the month. Depending on how the creative concept performs, we will design and launch a second concept. At the end of the month, we will compare and contrast the performance of the two ads. The better performing ad unit will be leveraged for the next month. IF the first concept does not perform to our expectations, we will pause the campaign entirely to preserve your media spending. Then, we will analyze the under-performing ad unit before we put the second concept into rotation.


You need to speak differently to a new audience than your existing fan base. We need to be effective, using clear messages, which state the problem, the solution proposed, and the action the audience can take to reach the campaign goal. An effective message captures the attention of the target audience, is easy to understand and remember, and does not require any further explanation. Having the right call-to-action (CTA), which is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, is imperative, such as:

  • "Get a Quote"
  • "Call Now"
  • "Find Out More"
  • "Visit a Store Today"
  • "Click to Call"
  • "Register Now"
Lead management platform

Our lead management platform is an online tool to help maximize the efficacy of your marketing campaigns while reducing costs. Reporting features clearly show how well your marketing campaigns are doing and how they might be improved. Comparison features allow you to see how your ad performs in comparison to your competitors. Also, you can move your budget from Google to Facebook ads if one is performing better than the other.

Campaign reporting

Better insights yield better results - especially online. Our ongoing campaign reports will help us understand how your audience responded so we can use that information to optimize for better performance and for use in your next campaign.



Number of markets participating in Google Local Service Ads


Number of business categories, such as lawn care, accepted in the LSA program


Amount Google offers to consumers as  lifetime cap for coverage


Percentage of ALL searches performed on Google have local intent

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