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With 30 million monthly unique users, Yelp delivers a purchase-ready audience for many types of businesses.

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Yelp Users are Ready to Buy

Yelp Ads puts your business in front of consumers nearby who are looking to make a purchase. 82% of Yelp users visit intending to buy a product or service and 89% of those who buy do so within a week, according to Nielsen. This is why we recommend Yelp as one of our "go to" strategies when it comes to lead generation, especially for new businesses or companies that are highly seasonal. Buying your way provides your products and services with instant visibility that's hard to obtain with other marketing channels.

Ideal For

New businesses

Seasonal businesses

Service area businesses

Travel and hospitality

How Yelp Helps Benefits Your Business

Instant Visibility

Gain top visibility within your vertical business category.

Brand Awareness

Elevate your brand awareness with potential customers.

Call Tracking

See who calls your business and where they reside.

Campaign Reporting

Get demographic and conversion reporting.

Yelp Helps

3-Month Minimum

Yelp Helps Features


Millions of consumers use Yelp every day to make purchase decisions. The Yelp website and mobile app connect people with local businesses. Yelp Ads feature your business when consumers search for a business like yours. 

Yelp advertising costs are not included. This fee represents agency time to develop a strategy, select a plan, create the campaign and optimize the performance. Includes

  • Complete, turnkey strategy and management
  • Account setup and optimization
  • Creative production and oversight
  • Call tracking
  • Yelp reporting and Google Analytics integration

3-month minimum.

Complete, turnkey strategy and management

Before we start any type of lead generation program, together, we must devise a strategy. This plan consists of the following elements: goal-setting,  timelines, messaging, call to action, and more. Most lead generation campaigns to center around collecting a pool of prospects who have expressed interest in your product or service. Goals need to be quantifiable and measurable. With each Yelp campaign, we work directly with Yelp to research other companies, like yours, who have run campaigns to help us make an educated guess about the numbers of leads you can expect from the campaign.

Lead Generation Package Selection

Yelp offers many lead generation packages, and their reps may even hound you relentlessly to get your business. Your Find8 Performance Marketer will step in and handle your Yelp advertising program, from working with a dedicated Yelp corporate inside rep assigned to the Find8 agency account to determine which package is right for your business. From there, we completely handle the launch, management, optimization and reporting of the campaign.

Target Audience Definition

Yelp combines search activity with user location allowing advertisers to create custom audience segments with high intentions to purchase in over 1,000 businesses categories. We use data segments like brand interest, brand attributes, category interest, and geographic data to create just the right campaign for specific audiences.

Messaging and Call-to-Action

Effective campaigning is built around clear messages, which state the problem, the solution proposed and the action the audience can take to reach the campaign goal. An effective message captures the attention of the target audience, is easy to understand and remember, and does not require any further explanation. 

Having the right call-to-action (CTA), which is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, is imperative, such as:

  • "get a quote"
  • "call now" or "click to call"
  • "find out more"
  • "visit a store today"
  • "register now"
Account setup and optimization

If your business does not have a profile on Yelp, we will create one. If your business profile exists, we will claim and verify it. If you already have a Yelp account—great, we can get started. One we have access to your account, we will correct any inaccuracies, fill in incomplete information, and add your logo and photos.

Creative production and oversight

Your Yelp advertising package consists of several creative and lead generation elements, which your Performance Marketer will handle, such as:

Creating a slideshow

Most packages include a photo slideshow that highlights photos and videos of your products, services, staff members and portfolio of work:

Video production and hosting

We will work alongside with Yelp to coordinate and manage a videographer to produce a professional video of your business that will be embedded on your Yelp Business Page.


Call tracking

Track the effectiveness of your Yelp campaign. Most Yelp customers will contact you by phone, which can be measured through a call-tracking solution. What is call tracking? In the simplest terms, it's a way of using a unique phone number supplied by Yelp to track each phone call to your business. With the mobile campaign, prospective customers will  "click to call" from their mobile device. Yelp will not only track the call but the duration of the call:

Call Tracking Lead Generation

Yelp reporting and Google Analytics integration

Better insights make for better results - especially online. Our ongoing campaign reports will help us understand how your audience responded so we can use that information to optimize for better performance and for use in your next campaign. We'll even add in Google Analytics tracking tags to measure traffic to your website.

Yelp Insights for Lead Generation show you who is looking at your business


Leave reviews for home service and local service companies


Are 35+ years old with almost 30% aged 55+


The number of total reviews left by Yelp users


Percentage of visitors who visit because they intend to make a purchase

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