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Search Engine Optimization
Upfront SEO

Not ready for an SEO subscription? Or you just want to supplement what you've already built? An upfront SEO package builds the foundation and fills in the gaps.

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Karla Shelton
CEO, Marketing Strategist

SEO Building Blocks
Upfront SEO Agency Pricing

Search engine optimization (SEO) works best under an ongoing subscription. However, there are times when a "touch up" is necessary, such as optimizing your Google My Business profile. Or, you may be building a website with us and not ready for an SEO subscription. When this happens, we always recommend that we develop your keywords and bake them in now. Have you ever tried to dig a basement under an existing house?

Ideal For

Businesses not ready for an SEO package or simply want to fill in the gaps of an existing SEO strategy.


How Upfront SEO Packages Benefit Your Business

Foundation Building

Don't dig an SEO "basement" under your house later. Do it now, before we start building it.

Future Success

Your website is primed for future SEO success. Strategic components, like keywords, are already baked in.


Pick and choose SEO package add-ons that suit your needs, and your budget, now.

Budget Friendly

Packages are designed and priced to be strategic, but easy on the pocketbook.

Organic Starter
$499 t0 $899

One-time Project

Build the foundation now for future SEO success - when you're ready to add an SEO subscription plan.

Ideal For

You want to build a foundation for a future SEO program, but aren't ready for an ongoing SEO marketing program.

Strategic keyword research

Authority page mapping

Speed optimization

On-page optimization

Technical SEO

Google Webmaster account

Google My Business

One-Time Project

Local SEO visibility starts here. Information we provide appears in Google Search, Google Maps, and more.

Ideal For

You are a destination business, retail store, service business. Really? Every business needs a Google My Business account.

Claimed and verified account

Optimized 100% complete profile

Write informative content

Delete duplicate accounts

Google My Business dashboard report

Performs Well With

Website Design

Make sure you pair your Upfront SEO with one of our Web Design monthly packages.

Performs Well With

Social Media

Interested in building awareness of your company? Learn more about our Social Media monthly subscriptions.

Performs Well With

Free Ranking Report

See how your website is performing in search results. Try our free SEO Ranking Report.

Performs Well With

Custom Reports

Interested to see how your Google My Business account is performing, but you want to see enhanced data, such as competitive data? Ask about our Custom Reports.

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"Thanks to the help of Find8, new clients will be starting service with us at the first of the year. Thanks for helping us grow our business!"

-Kyle Berryman, BBCS Payroll

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