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Put the pedal to the metal with a website that’ll make a quicker lap! Don’t flounder with trickling leads when you can have a lead-breeding site!

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Turbocharge Your Site
Upfront Affordable Web Design Packages

When your site isn’t working for you, it’s time for an upgrade. If you have the knowledge and elbow grease to keep it maintained, we’ll give you a lead-producing engine that’ll leave the competition in your dust!

Ideal For...

Service area businesses

Professional services

Non-profit organizations

Government and education

How The Upfront Checkered Flag Package Benefits Your Business

Design, Build, Hosting

We'll give you the tools to showcase your business, and you can update at your leisure.

Complete Control

Like getting keys to a new vehicle, we give you the keys to your new website.

Content Writing

Let us do it for you. Our copywriters handle writing for slideshows and page content.

Mobile Responsive

From tablets to smartphones to desktops our websites are designed to perform.

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Universal Inclusions

Design, build, and hosting

Get a striking, high-performance website without any of the hassles. With our web design services, we'll take care of everything from start to finish and hand it over to you. We will design and build your beautiful, personalized website and take care of your web hosting.

upfront checkered flag affordable web design build hosting and support package

Mobile responsive design

From tablets to smartphones to laptops to desktops and everything in between, we've got you covered. Our websites are designed to perform. It has been proven time and time again that more people are browsing on mobile devices than ever before. If your website cannot keep up with the trend with lightning-quick load times and layouts optimized for mobile, your website is losing leads and holding you back in the race.

upront web design package checkered flag mobile responsive design

Our team can turn this problem around using responsive design. We'll redesign your website to adapt and scale to whatever kind of device the user is viewing from while maintaining your existing look/feel and improving overall performance. We'll test it on a variety of devices - mobile and non-mobile - to ensure the experience is consistent and easy to use.

Customer review badges

Tell the world about your success through reviews and testimonials. Social proof is more important than ever to building brands, generating leads, and closing sales. Whether we link to your Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, or publish them via syndicated software, it's important to establish trust with your site visitors.

web design package checkered flag upfront customer review badges

Contact form & confirmation page

After your website visitors learn about your products and services, empower them to reach out to you for more information. Your contact form includes the following features:

  • Stop bots with anti-spam options including Google reCaptcha
  • Email form data to administrators every time a form is submitted
  • Acknowledge every contact form with a custom autoresponder
  • Save form submissions to a database to manage and export contacts
  • Force required fields and correct data formatting
  • Give your users a success message after submission
contact form checkered flag upfront affordable web design package confimation page find8 chechered flag upfront web design package
Blog & events calendar plugins

WordPress Plugins

In order to streamline the user experience, our team utilizes advanced WordPress plugins to ensure your clients have easy access to every piece of information on your site. The upfront Victory Lap package includes the following:

News/Blog Plugin

upfront victory lap custom website package blog and events pluginsA news/blog plugin is great for sharing monthly updates, industry news, production information and more. Blogging helps position you as the subject matter in your field. Additionally, fresh content is excellent for helping your website in search engines.

Interactive Slideshow

Show off your products, promote a special offer or communicate your brand position. A slide show gallery cycles through a series of images, one at a time. You can cycle the images automatically at a speed you choose, or you can turn off animation and let visitors use navigation controls to cycle through the images.

victory lap upfront web design package interactive slideshow

Events Calendar

Whether you're operating a hyperlocal business listing a handful of events, a large business with hundreds of users or you're a sole business owner, you can publish and sync your events with Google Maps and Google Calendar.

event calander as part of custom upfront website design packages

Additional Features

Customized theme

Stand out from your competitors with a unique website that grabs your visitors' attention. Our talented web designers will build your gorgeous, custom website from the ground up to meet your needs and impress your visitors.

checkered flag affordable upfront web design custimized theme

Content writing

Word count: 4,000

Creating all of the online content your business needs is a massive time investment that requires a skilled technician making sure it is expertly crafted to fit your business. Our expert content developers are passionate about using their combined knowledge to grow your business. Whether you're short on time or simply desire the skills of proven experts, our team will create engaging, effective content. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture on a website is only as engaging as the copy that accompanies it. Our team of brilliant content developers will give your images, slideshows, and illustrations maximum impact with dextrous, skilled writing that communicates your unique selling proposition. Our team will tell your story by developing and promoting your brand identity.

upfront checkered flag content writing included in website design package


Homepage impact graphic

Type: Interactive slideshow

With the modern expectations for internet, you have 3 seconds to capture a person's attention before they leave your page. We'll put those precious seconds to use for you with an interactive slideshow showcasing your business. Differentiate your brand from your competitors, promote a sale, or showcase a new product!

homepage impact interactive slideshow graphics find8 performance marketing

Navigation menu

Type: Mega Menu

Make navigation a breeze with everything beautifully laid out. Enhance your menu from the typical fly-out design. Customize your navigation with eye-catching images or colorful icons. 

upfront checkered flag web design navigation menu

Advanced Google Analytics

Unleash the power of Google Analytics to continue to improve your conversion rate. Track your leads back to their sources and enable yourself to continue to improve your performance by knowing the payoff from each section of your business's pipeline.

advanced google analytics checkered flag web design package

Prospect Capture Package

Heatmap tracking

Heatmap data shows you exactly how your website performs by illustrating how users interact with each element, from clicking to scrolling to exiting. With this information, we can improve your pages, site usability and ultimately lead conversions. With this information, we can improve your pages, site usability, and ultimately, lead conversions.

custom upfront checkered flag web design package heatmap tracking

Advanced lead generation form

After your website visitors learn about your products and services, empower them to reach out to you to request a quote, schedule an appointment, or request additional information. Save your form submissions into the WordPress database to manage and export your contacts. Force required fields and correct data formatting before the information enters your database. Our advanced form stops bots using Google reCaptcha eliminating spam from infiltrating your pipeline. Set custom auto responses to let your clients know you appreciate them contacting you and that you'll follow up shortly and that they have successfully contacted you.

upfront website design packages advanced lead generation form

Popup lead capture forms

Pop-ups grab the attention of site visitors. Convey a specific message such as an event, sale, promotion, newsletter signup or coupon. Quid pro quo...offer an item of perceived value in exchange for contact information.

attention grabbing popup lead capture forms upfront checkered flag package

Coupon plugin

Encourage sales and loyalty from your new website traffic with the incorporation of coupons that display discounts, special offers, and new products/services.

Fun Fact: 79% of all Gen Z-ers and Millennials seek loyalty or discount programs with their favorite brands

upfront and affordable checkered flag package with coupon plugins

Web chat

Find8 performance marketing upfront checkered flag package live web chat plugins

Live chat plugin instantly gives you the ability to chat directly with potential clients and/or website visitors when they’re ready to do so. Initiate a live chat with a certain visitor or wait for them to initiate a live chat with you. Increase your website conversion rates by providing real-time live support.

Limit the live chat box to only show to registered users
- Obtain name, email and/or phone number of prospect
- Contact information is required
- Chat from a desktop computer or mobile device
- New chat message alerts to signal a prospect is seeking assistance
- Choose when to accept chats



Website visitors are interested in the “About Us” page on a business website


View the business’s contact information page


Indicated that a positive user experience is the most important factor when they visit a website

Design related

Users first impression of a website

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