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Amidst the Coronavirus threat, we’re doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff. As such, we’ve closed the office until April 7th, but our staff is still hard at work keeping your web presence alive from the safety of our homes. Feel free to continue sending your requests to [email protected] for web changes and special messages to your customers, and we’ll get them posted as soon as we can. In the meantime, everyone stay safe and follow proper health guidelines and we hope to see you soon, healthy and smiling!


Search Engine



You know you need to market to generate leads and customers

Maybe you advertised in the past and spent way too much money for far too few results. Built a website that’s nothing but a placeholder. Ran some ads or printed brochures that now sit in a closet somewhere. All too often it can feel like a shot in the dark. Meanwhile, your competition is on your heels. Who wants that? There has to be a better way…and there is.  Performance Marketing from Find8.


What are your performance marketing goals? Awareness? Leads? Sales? Or is it simply get this off my plate and make things happen? We can help with all of the above. And, we make it easy to get started by packaging different digital services together that serve as the building blocks for your success. Don’t forget, Find8 is in this for the long haul. We’re all about relationships.

multicolor speedometer find8 performance marketing firm

raise awareness with with web design and social media management


Attractive websites, engaging social media campaigns, and tailored advertising introduce your business to new customers.

content marketing service providers to drive customer interest


Keep prospects engaged with tools like automated marketing, SMS and website form popups helping you to build on existing relationships.

lead generation companies to grow your business


Convert interested individual into customers. Easily follow up on completed contact forms and grow your business.

ecommerce conversion reports for business sales data


With affordable and easy-to-use online store platforms, e-commerce is a right fit for shops of all sizes.

review reputation management companies build loyalty


Customer referrals, positive reviews, and reinforcing your current relationships foster a loyal growing customer base.

data analytics companies for business success


Our performance analytics allow us to gain actionable data enabling better marketing and advertising optimization.

Create A Plan

Define Success

Set Goals

Determine Budget


What performance marketing does is remove the mystery from marketing by preparing a plan based on your business goals, whether those goals are generating more leads, more sales, more brand loyalty or all of the above.

Set Expectations

Leads, Sales, & Loyalty

Choose Tactics

Allocate Budget


Your plan includes specific tactics, most of them web-based – website, SEO, content marketing – chosen with predictable goals, tactics, budget, and your competition in mind. The performance component is the execution of your plan and ongoing monitoring so we can adjust as needed for optimal “smoking” performance.

Create A Plan

Define Success

Set Goals

Determine Budget


The beauty of Find8’s performance marketing model is transparency and impact: you know exactly where your marketing spend is going and how well it’s performing in terms of reach, lead generation, impact on sales and loyalty. Even better, Find8 manages it for you, following a package of agreed upon services for which you pay a predictable monthly fee. You didn’t have that in past now did you?

"Having Find8 handle our website and social media has really paid off for us. "

-Scott Schneider, Lafayette Carpet Cleaning

"Thank you guys for being awesome and rescuing me from myself!"

-Richelle Peterson, Richelle in a Handbasket

"Everyone on the Find8 team knows their stuff and is easy to work with."

-Megan Townsend, Uplync

"I love Find8! My business wouldn't be what it is without my website!

-Shawna McCully, Eclectic Studio

Find8 is a great TEAM to work with.

-Daren Horton, Gecko Pest Control


With our combined collection of talents and experience, this trio forms the critical foundation of the company. We coach, direct, and oversee every aspect of production, and ensure that your performance is on point!

karla shelton find8 performance marketing ceo marketing strategist Image

Karla Shelton
CEO, Marketing Strategist

bill shelton vp strategic partnerships find8 performance marketing image

Bill Shelton
VP, Strategic Partnerships

Charsha Hayden Find8 Project Manager

Charsha Hayden 
Project Manager

Education Center

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"Find8 promises to be focused on results when it comes to growing your business. We hold lasting relationshipswe aren’t a one and done digital marketing firm." 


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