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Ranking Recovery

If you've experienced a sudden drop in traffic, Google may have penalized your website.

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Lost Traffic = Lost Sales
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Did you go to work one day, check Google Analytics only to realize that your traffic is gone? The nightmare probably didn't stop here. You checked your CRM system for new incoming leads; they're gone, too. To make matters even worse sales fell off the cliff. You could be a victim of a Google algorithm change or worse, a manual penalty. Our expert team of SEO consultants and technicians can help. Receive a detailed corrective plan from Find8 and get back on track.

Ideal For

Companies who have seen a sudden drop in web traffic or who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining significant Google visibility.

How Google SEO Ranking Recovery Benefits Your Business

Penalty Insights

Understand what technical, on-page or content tactics generated the Google penalty.

Regain Lost Traffic

Learn how to rebound from a Google penalty with our Penalty Recovery Action Plan.

Best Practices

Incorporate the proper SEO tactics to avoid future penalties.

Who's Linking?

Find out if websites pointing links to your site is damaging your reputation with Google.

Ranking Recovery

One Time Consulting Fee

Ranking Recovery Details


Every business can benefit from page #1 rankings on Google. Many marketers may inadvertently use questionable techniques, which can backfire, resulting in a Google penalty or significant drop in rank. Our team of SEO experts will research, analyze and diagnose your penalty, creating a thoroughly documented action plan for your web and marketing teams to follow to get your website back on the road to recovery.

Keeping Up With 800 Google Changes

Each year Google updates its algorithm between 600 and 800 times. The purpose of these changes is to increase the quality of websites listed in search engine results pages (SERP). Google has released several high profile algorithm updates in the past few years that have had devastating consequences for millions of business owners.

I Didn't Know What I Didn't Know

The thing is - your marketing team or web designer may not have done anything malicious. They may have purchased backlinks from an SEO firm who "guaranteed" results, or they may have accidentally blocked Google from indexing your website. Perhaps, your webmaster inadvertently duplicated content amongst pages or even has too little content. Other possibilities include:

  • User-generated spam from blog comments
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaked pages
  • Mobile response issues/doesn't display well on devices
  • Using a fake address to hack into the 3-stack position

It may not seem fair, but not knowing Google's guidelines can kill your traffic and your business.

Diagnosing Your Penalty

If you're suffering from a Google penalty, our experienced team of search engine experts will research, analyze and diagnose your penalty. We will create a thoroughly documented action plan to reverse downward trends, put your website back into compliance with Google, and set your website back onto a path for ranking success.

Technical and on-page audit

The start to your penalty solution begins with a comprehensive technical analysis. The Find8 technical team will audit your website, launch crawling tools that mimic Google and utilize the best tools in the SEO industry to diagnose any issues. We will examine hundreds of technical and on-page elements including metadata, interior links, information architecture, and content.

Backlink analysis

While what's on your website is important for search engine optimization, what's off the website is equally important. Your site's quality is largely determined by the quality of the sites linking to it. As a result, it is extremely important to analyze the backlink profile of your site and identify opportunities for improvement.

Content analysis

If your site has duplicate content (or nearly the same) content, Google may penalize your website. Furthermore, if a significant number of pages contain "thin" content, your website may also have issues.

Penalty Recovery Plan

Once we have thoroughly investigated your penalty, our SEO team will deliver specific recommendations to recover your rankings. We will also hand off an SEO Best Practices guide to your marketing, web design and IT staff so that future penalties may be avoided.

The recommendations may be handled internally by your team, by your web designer, or by us. If you're interested in having Find8 implement your recovery action plan, please learn more about our SEO packages.


Average percentage of website traffic lost after a Google penalty


Number of messages Google sent to webmasters to notify them of webspam issues on their websites


Number of messages Google sent to website owners in 2017 letting them know about issues identified with their websites


Number of U.S. websites in 2017 that received a Google manual penalty

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SEO Detective

Once your website and its SEO is back on track, monitor the ROI of your SEO campaign with SEO Detective.

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