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Establishing your brand has a trusted resource, translates into search engine visibility beyond your boundaries.

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Expand Your Sphere of Influence
Monthly SEO Packages

Investing in "areas served" pages for your site is comparable to a game of Monopoly. Taking over "property" is slow, strategic, and intentional, but once you have - you win the game! The difference? Your success won't be determined by rolling the dice - we carefully develop your SEO plan of action so you can be present in the adjacent areas that are most beneficial to your business!
(Note: Must be within 20 miles of your physical location.)

Ideal For

Service area businesses

Destination businesses


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How Regional Reach Benefits Your Business

Location Pages

Establish locality with a unique page for each city, region or state that your business serves.

Localized Content

Show off your local knowledge with a local blog unique to each area served location.

Google Maps

Embedded Google Maps demonstrates that your business serves the market.

Monthly Reporting

See how far your sphere of influence is spreading with custom reports.

Regional Reach
Starting At $50/month
Add-On Per location

Start Up Fee $150

Regional Reach Action Plan


Our SEO team scans the local markets that you would like to penetrate. We not only benchmark your search engine visibility, but we calculate the positions of your competitors, too. This SEO research, analysis, and audit give us the insights to provide specific recommendations to gain rankings in geographic areas outside of your physical location.

Regional Reach Features


While you may have a single location - the physical address of your office - your services extend well beyond your immediate geography. Associate your business and strategic keywords with desired, nearby geographic localities. Priced per each town or city. Must be within 15 miles of your physical location. Includes:

  • Local website pages for a suburb, city, region or state
  • Google Maps
  • Localized content
  • Monthly reporting
Local website pages

We start with associating your business and strategic keywords with desired geographic localities. We may accomplish this through on-page SEO tactics. In the example below, we have associated BBCS Payroll, which is physically located in Lafayette, IN, with the Crawfordsville, IN market by creating an Areas Served page.

bbcs local seo services pricing

SEO trust with Google Maps

Essentially, search engine rankings are built on a foundation of trust. Google's business model would disintegrate if the results they display do not provide value or utility to the searcher.  A top ranking position is an equivalent to a trusted, personal recommendation. It is essential to building trust in the areas you serve. This may be accomplished by:

  • Providing client testimonials from the target city
  • Building links to and from websites in the target city
  • Providing a Google map of the region served

affordable seo packages for areas served

Localized content

You may have heard the phrase that "content is king" and this is truly the case with regional reach marketing. Our SEO team may opt to create additional content using your strategic keyword list on your local pages. Oftentimes, this content consists of blogs,  FAQs or newsletters.

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Monthly reporting

Our SEO team will check your regional SEO rankings so you know what your customers see. Each report contains organic, mobile, and maps rankings on Google, Google Mobile, and Google Maps. See local search results from any location and benchmark your progress against your main competitors.

local seo services like keyword rankings report


Prefer local businesses whose web sites, apps or mobile sites target their location

Mobile Users

Percentage of total mobile searches are related to researching or finding location information


Average number of miles a consumer is willing to drive to reach a typical local store


Average number of miles a consumer is willing to drive to reach specialty stores or unique businesses

Performs Well With

Google 3-Stack

It's imperative to build trust with your physical address. Without it, Google won't highlight your business outside your geographic area. Learn more about Google 3-Stack.

Performs Well With

Positive Performance

Brand reputation is key to establishing trust with Google. Make sure you maintain that trust with online reviewers. Learn about Positive Performance.

Performs Well With

Google Local Paid Search

Can't wait and need leads now? Our Google Local Paid Search package allows you to pay to play!

Performs Well With

SEO Detective

Gain insights into how SEO delivers leads, both online and offline, helping you measure the full impact of your Regional Reach program. Learn more about SEO Detective.

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"Thanks to the help of Find8, new clients will be starting service with us at the first of the year. Thanks for helping us grow our business!"

-Kyle Berryman, BBCS Payroll

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