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What You Need to Know First

Learn the differences between Subscription and Upfront web design packages

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Web Design Services Overview
Web Design Services Packages

We specialize in innovative web design services and are ready to build your website. Whether you need a simple landing page or a complex, secure online retail space, we have the expertise you're seeking. We tailor your website to fit your business needs, allowing you to stand out from the competition with striking, personalized designs that take advantage of the latest technology.

We know it can get confusing when shopping for the right package, so this is a great place to start when you just don't know what you need yet. 


upfront web design services to build brand awareness


Captivate your potential client/customer with your very own legitimate, personalized site that shows off your unique products and services.

Subscription vs Upfront Packages Overview

To best serve the needs of our clients, we've created two basic models of web design services. The first, and most popular, is a subscription-based web design model. With this model comes a low upfront investment, continual maintenance, expert craftsmanship, and a full redesign every three years. The second model is an upfront web package featuring the same quality build expected with all of our web design services, but it allows more technically-adept clients to take over the hosting, maintenance, and upkeep of their website.

For many clients, the subscription model has proven very effective. The low upfront cost and expert maintenance of our team make it an attractive option. It enables them to focus on their business while we focus on their web design and performance.

 Web Design Subscription Packages


Periodic Updates

Monthly Payments

Ongoing Support

Copywriting Included

Redesign Every 3 Years

Choose Subscription If:

You want someone to "do it for me"

You don't want large upfront investments

You want a long-term relationship with experts who have your best interests in mind

Your Pain Points

You already have a lot on your plate

Web design is not your forte

Your site needs periodic updates and content additions

 Web Design Upfront Packages


Custom Design

Paid in Full On Delivery

Complete WordPress Production & Programming

Copywriting is Optional

Ownership of the Website Code & Content

Choose Upfront If:

You want complete control after go live

You want to categorize the project as a capital expense versus marketing expense

You have in-house tech resources to manage, maintain, and update the site

Your Pain Points

Your site is outdated

You have tech savvy staff, but you need a professional to get you started

You want full control of your content with no "middle man"

ecommerce website developers find8 performance marketing

ecommerce web design companies sales building platformsE-commerce Packages for
Supercharged Website Performance

An E-Commerce web design package can supercharge your business's performance in a myriad of ways. E-commerce completely removes geographical boundaries, enabling your business to sell around the world. Your website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will convert your web traffic into sales with low-cost automation.

For many clients, the subscription model has proven very effective. The low upfront cost and expert maintenance of our team make it an attractive option. It enables them to focus on their business while we focus on their web performance.


With your full partnership, we can have your new website built from the ground up and ready to grow your business in as little as six weeks.

website development company interested in dicovering you and your needs Discovery

We get to know you and your business and develop a plan to outperform your competitors.

website design subscription company mockups to fit your needsDesign

Our talented web designers create gorgeous mockups of your new website that meet your business's exact needs.

engaging content written with Find8 content marketing services packagesCopywriting

Our content specialists write original, engaging content to keep your site visitors' attention and inform them about your business's offerings.

find8 performance marketing web design services timeline
track your web design process find8 performance marketing
web design services process tracking timeline find8 performance marketing

web development services talented production team you can trustProduction

Once you've approved the design, we'll start building it with WordPress software using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our team takes care of the building process, and you can follow along and watch our progress with a private URL that we provide.

review the progress of your website developmentReview

We showcase your new site and allow for any last minute changes and adaptions you may require.

go live on web design packages with client modification trainingGo Live

We launch your brand new site for the world to see. We can even train you and your staff to make updates if you desire.

"Since I have been doing business with Find8 Digital, our business is constantly booked!"

-Scott Schneider, Lafayette Carpet Cleaning

"Find8 promises to be focused on results when it comes to growing your business. We hold lasting relationshipswe aren’t a one and done digital marketing firm." 


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